Hard rejection - help please!

Dear friends,

A second item I submit to Audiojungle again “does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted.”
It is obviously a huge learning curve for me before I manage to produce anything acceptable. But what exactly is the probllem with this track? The rejection does not mention details.
Could you please help:

Many thanks!

Hey @Keysmotion - I think the major reason for rejection is the programming of the strings. The long phrases sound ok but it’s the legato phrases feel a bit awkward and unnatural. Programming strings is really hard to do well and convincingly! The glock at the end was nice too but introducing it fairly late into the track probably didn’t help in review. I think the real strength in this track is the piano part which sounds great - maybe you could rework this track into something more piano and glock driven - I think you’d get some amazing results. Cheers and keep it up!

Thanks singhstudio, much appreciated!