Hard rejection. Help me understand why :)

Hi. I just got a hard rejection on a track I thought was up to standards. Apparently it isn’t.
All feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

(The Soundcloud file contains some ‘clicks’ in the file which I do not hear in my original file…)

The main melody is too complicated. I also recommend to remove from the composition of elements of dubstep.

Agree with TRMG!
Dubstep part is very unexpected!

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I think this combination of cinematic and dubstep is possible, but that melody and harmony you have there does not have that impact which should have, so it sounds like 2 separated tracks. This is only my opinion.


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orchestra and synths dubstep should not play together. you lost momentum . and so it seems that these are two different tracks playing at the same time. create dubstep not grateful business. it’s not enough just to set Woble-bass. it is necessary to harmonize and arrange by size. I believe that this style of music is one of the most complex in the making. though many laughed at and bullied.

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