Hard Rejection for Server Security Project

Hello All
Codecanyon rejected my PHP based NGINX server security project. I did everything correctly and there are no other project like this. I dont know the reason. I think this is auto rejection but dont know what to do.

Share your demo URL as a start
Username : test
Pssword : testadmin

First, for the security server project, HTTPS is not enabled. It’s a bit weird :slight_smile:
Secondly, most of the things you’re providing with the script comes with cPanel and other management.
If I was able to manage the server by myself, either I would get a server comes with the “management panel” or it means that I don’t need a panel ( I could manage it by command )

With this aspect, I don’t think this would be an option to sell as “template” and it targets really small numbers - therefor it’s not suitable for CC but you may try to sell it on your own.

The main thing is demo panel is http for now.
And this scripts main feature is, you dont need to edit any details with any commands or config files on your server. Because nginx server does not have a panel. You and me know how to edit server with commands but many users dont :slight_smile: thats why this security system is really good solution for many users.

That’s why they got a server with cPanel or similar control panel. The idea is good but the problem is, you may stop providing the support after 2 months and all the trouble would be waste.

Again, it’s not about the idea, it’s about the target.

Cpanel or Other panels do not have reverse or forward proxy or many of our other features. Those features are unique functions btw

And there will be no ending support because we will add many other features to this system too.

Only if it was accepted.

It doesn’t matter which features you have or not. This is not a project that can be sold to lots of buyers.

Many of iptv providers are trying to secure their servers with our features. Our system has also auto VPN feature too. Because iptv providers do not want share their public ips too.

You’re missing my point that the rejection is not related to the features, it’s about if it can be sold.

Of course it can be sold. There are some people are waiting for it. I dont wanna sell any product on b2b. Thats i want to sell my product on codecanyon.

It’s rejected so you don’t have much option. You can create a ticket and request some details if you wish but not exactly sure you’d get a proper answer. ( You may get another copy/paste message )

Thank you :confused: