Hard Rejection for second time, need some experienced feedback

Hi, i got my second hard reject on this song and according to my capacities at the moment i can’t see any improvement to be made
I really appreciate any advice from someone more experienced :slight_smile:

Hi there,

You have some nice ideas in this track but there are some issues too: Most importantly, the guitar seems out of tune, in particular the G-string is flat, giving the track a slighly wobbly, unpleasant colour. There are also some playing/timing issues too, the stumming in the beginning just isn’t “there” and is not rolling as nicely as it could. Also, the guitar there is a little too much in front and too dry.

The track seems cut off in the beginning, as if you bounced it directly from “bar 1” without a second of silence before the first note.

More generally, as you are trying to make music for videos, the build of the track should reflect this better. There should a clearer dynamic structure and less up and downs in the track. For example, your second part, the one with the violin should be the first part and the first part the second as it would give the track a clearer dynamic structure. In general,go for a clearer, simpler build, as an example something like: Intro - theme - theme (more dynamics) - breakdown - theme (with some new element) - outro - buy ferrari.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Thank you very much for your feeback!
The things you said really makes sense to me, specially about that “intro”, i have made a version without it either. I’m gonna try to work them out (and re-record the guitar) to make this track better :slight_smile:
It’s really nice to see more experienced people helping begginers. I really hope that one day, when i get more experienced, i can reciprocate that here too.

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I would remove the finger noises from the acoustic guitar.

I left those noises because it makes the guitar sounds more natural to me. But im going to consider this too and see what it sounds like.