Hard Rejection for PHP Project with no reason

so i created a project where it manages cPanel operations inside the system using php,
the security is very solid, the features is incredible and the system works very easy and smooth,
and i got hard rejection for “quality standard” which i read it all from A-Z and none of them is violated at all.

however it got rejected twice for the same reason.

please read the features and help me understand why ?

here is the features

Domains & Sub-Domains Managements:

View and manage your domains and sub domains in two pages

The first page will have all your domains to manage it all

And the second page will have your Domains and list all subdomains for that domain

  1. View Domain Configurations
  2. Add/Remove Domain redirection
  3. Create Sub-Domain
  4. Add/Remove Sub-Domain redirection
  5. View Sub-Domain Configurations

MySQL Database Management

Manage all your MySQL databases in one place to view your database username and users

You will also be able to do operations to your database with one click such as

  1. Create Database
  2. Add Users to the database
  3. Remove Database
  4. Rename Database
  5. Repair Database
  6. View Schema of the database

MySQL Database Users Management

Manage all your MySQL databases Users in one place to view your database users and the databases they are assigned to

Assign a database to a user with one click and update their privileges and modify them as you wish

  1. Create Database Users
  2. Update Database User Password
  3. Change Database User Username
  4. Delete Database User
  5. Assign a Database to Database User

PostgreSQL Databases

PostgreSQL is little limited on operations you can view all details on database and assign user to the database

  1. Create PostgreSQL Databases
  2. Rename PostgreSQL Databases
  3. Delete PostgreSQL Databases
  4. Add PostgreSQL User to PostgreSQL Databases

PostgreSQL Databases User

PostgreSQL Users is little limited on operations you can view Users and do few operations

  1. Create PostgreSQL User
  2. Update PostgreSQL User Password
  3. Change Username PostgreSQL User
  4. Delete PostgreSQL User

Files Manager “BETA”

Files Manager allows you to view and manage all files on your server and perform operations, including edit text files and view images

You can also assign specific access to files for users with permissions

View Modified Data, Owner, sort files and folders by name, permissions, date, type and size

  1. Upload & Download Files and folders
  2. Edit code, Text files and folders
  3. Compress & Extract .zip files and folders
  4. Move & Copy “Duplicate” files and folders
  5. Rename files and folders
  6. Change Permissions of files and folders
  7. Create Files and folders

FTP Management

Manage all FTP accounts and view all details about the FTP

View Quota limits and how much is used, you will also be able to

view Login, Directory and update all details about the FTP account

  1. Create FTP Account
  2. Update FTP Account Password
  3. Update FTP Account Directory
  4. Update FTP Account Quota
  5. Delete FTP Account

Emails Management

View and manage all emails accounts in your account with all domains

View all details, Login, Suspension status, incoming, outing status

View creation time and usage details including Quota and Used Quota

And much more…

  1. Create Email Account “Supports Multiple Domains”
  2. View Client Settings
  3. Validate Email Password
  4. Delete Email
  5. Change Email Password
  6. Suspend Email
  7. Add/Remove Autoresponder for Email Account

Users Permissions

Users can have permissions to perform any operation on the system.

It’s pretty safe and secure

You can create a user, assign what kind of operations you want them to be able to view or perform

And have unlimited users, you can also assign what files users can access on your server and secure that with permissions

Once the user login, they will only see what your as Admin assigned for them.


Complete comprehensive log of all users operations on the system you can view

Who did what

…and more

Email Verification

Two Factor Authentication

Suspend and Banned Users

Roles system


Maintenance Mode

Storage & Account details

Users Sessions & Activity Log

Block IP’s

Invite & Manage Users

Multi languages

impersonate Users

Technical Details

Built using CodeIgniter


  • Linux Hosting
  • PHP Version 7.2+
  • MySQL Database
  • Internet Connection
  • mod_rewrite
  • mbstring
  • GD Library
  • cURL
  • DOM
  • Mail and SMTP
  • ZipArchive
  • DOM Extension
  • cPanel Hosting Account

Here is some images of the system.

Here are some screenshots from the inside the system, for security reasons, can’t share demo password because it’s connected directly to the server

I believe that your logic and what you mentioned doesn’t apply here.
Yes 90% of the functions related to cPanel can be done through cPanel itself but it’s like saying
Oh wait i have Visual Composer why do i need Elementor
Or i have green apple, why do i need red apple

This being said, let explanation the reason behind this item.

Say you need support on your server but you don’t want to share your username and password, simple you can just create user account with permission to limited access functionality for that user.

Say you want to make access for someone to only be able to create emails, or reset email password, you just give that user access to email

Say you want to get support on a script u purchased, or you want to have it installed, simple just create user and give limited access to database and specific file in file manager and not your whole server

And i can go on and on and on

Now when it comes to Sales there is absolutely no way you would know if specific item going to sell or not, and to provide context, i can show you a lots lots of items on the market which has been approved recently and 90% of them does same functionality as the one before

This is absolutely no reason for rejecting an item that has tons of features that u uber the cPanel.

Thank you !

You’re trying to sell me a script that what cPanel does. I can manage the same thing editing/creating the cPanel theme


With myPanel I assume you are creating a script for users who are not resellers? Is that correct or have I misunderstood?

I’m a reseller, so I use WHM and allocate CPanel accounts to my users.

I cannot explain why you may have been rejected, but it would be useful to understand at least is this system for RESELLERS who offer their clients hosting, or is for one client who already can access their own hosting?

It looks in theory okay though :wink:

Also as @ki-themes says, as a reseller we can manage to tweak settings but it would be useful to understand more about your script. We both understand for security reasons you cannot post login details on an open forum.

You can, but would you spend the time managing a theme for cPanel ?
Plus permissions for cPanel is technically not exists.

Not trying to sell u my friend, just trying to explain that the logic behind “ not sellable “

I won’t, that’s my point. There’re already themes available for cPanel and it’s unnecessary feature to make the admin panel different.

I meant, not to me, to the buyers, as a template. ( figure of speech )

Let’s say you purchased a hosting from company A “ shared hosting, reseller …etc “

Now you have a cPanel account to manage your hosting.

This is a php script that you can manage most of operations in cPanel right from it without the need to log into the cPanel account every times you need to create database or email…etc

You can also give access to anyone for specific thing

Say on your hosting you dont wanna share your account details,
You can just create a user on this script, assign a permission to access only emails, or databases or files with specific folder

So when that user login, they will only have access to the places you gave them access to and won’t be able to do anything else on your hosting account.

Plus it’s easier that cPanel, faster to perform operations, and much much smoother.

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All of the things you’re mentioning could be managed by cPanel.

It’s usually once in 3 months or in a year. No problem to login to the cPanel ( Additional extension on the browser that you can save the password, e.g : password manager )

You’re trying to re-brand the cPanel with different marketing. It’s still same hosting control panel management and there’re still some free resources that anyone could access. ( webmin / cwp panel )

@iyosfs - I’m tied up with other bits and bobs at the moment - I’ll get back to you soon!

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You are not wrong but at the same time not correct.

You maybe log in once a year to do something, but people log in daily to perform operations such as emails, database, file’s management, FTP…etc

I do feel like we are going in a loop here, but let me tell u this.

Take a look at these items here they made 500+ sales where they inly do 1 operation and like u said you can log into cPanel to do this

In almost 11 years, yes, they sold 368/260 copies ( 33/ 23 copies per year, roughly ) but these work as “addition/extension” instead of “full management” as yours.

You may have chance if you split the features and add/upload the items as " cPanel extension " instead of full management.

Agreed. This would be my last comment, I would leave the page for @123Simples , he may have different points.

Anyway, good luck!

Hi @iyosfs

That bit sounds great - the idea.

Okay looking at this and please forgive me if I don’t quite understand your work involved in this project would be the following:

RESELLERS - Although I am a reseller of hosting, it doesn’t mean that I have absolute control over the WHM or certain aspects of the hosting provisions imposed by my companies. I guess unless you had a dedicated server, whereby you could determine precisely what aspects you installed, then you would always in someway be tied into what your provider allows you to do (and not do).

Is this script only of any use to someone running their own dedicated server?

If I was a CPanel Grunt (for want of a better expression) using shared hosting is this script something a casual user could use?

It’s difficult to give the right feedback because quite rightly you cannot share the login info, but I will bow to your intellect and say that this is beyond my comprehension and that might make me sound naff, but I would love to offer some great advice other than say this. Your screenshots look great and as an accomplished author (yourself I mean) I hope that someone can help you.

Oh noo no
It’s running of cPanel only

You need a cpanel in order for this to work