Hard rejection for percussive music, I would be really happy with some feedback!



I tried to make a percussive music recently and I’ve got a hard rejection. I’m new, this was only my third try, first in the music category, but I’m not discouraged of trying some new. I think the problem could be something with the composition, but I’m not sure what it is. I would really appreciate some feedback for my future attempts! Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Nice track! :slight_smile:

I suppose that the reason of rejection could be the break at 0:26, too long… Could be better for me make more linear the track, it’s just my opinion, I’m a beginner with a lot of rejections! :wink:



Thanks for your feedback, but surely the reason of the rejection is something else, because the track was submitted with two different versions, short and long version (0:00-0:26 and 0:30-1:36).


Sorry, I said something stupid, I should have know that it was two different versions, good luck! :wink: