hard rejection for my first item

hard rejection for the first item I want to know the reasons for this rejection http://naughty-tesla-8dc5ed.bitballoon.com/what is the quality standard required to move forward ??

There is variety factors why your template was hard rejected yet it is too far from the premium look. There is plenty of themes available in the market free of cost, it is about what the buyers can get what he can’t get for free. There is many issues with design & codes as well.

  1. Use of fonts
  2. Design is poor
  3. Color Scheme
  4. Color Scheme in the mobile view
  5. Errors in the console
  6. Design isn’t unique
  7. Check (Marketing, Branding & Presentations) Section (icons)
  8. Social icons are not in the middle (footer area)
  9. Margin & Padding
  10. Copyrights texts are not aligned properly
  11. In the leave message form, small fields are not equally aligned with large field in the width
  12. Get in touch, Contact details are not aligned properly either
  13. There is many other reasons

Please take only those things in improvements for your future projects, Good luck with your future projects!


thank you, brother, for that :heart_eyes: but what is the roles of
1- use of fonts
2-color scheme
3- color scheme in mobile view
4- margin -padding
what should I do to be good at them :blush:

Use of fonts, color & proper use of margin & padding is extremely important, your design must be aligned properly, use of fonts & colors enhances the design look & makes your design eye catching.

For instance if you have many “sections” on your website" some of em have margin-top 70px & the other 30px that would surely look weird.

good I understand that
1- margin-padding should be the same in all sections
2-color I should change it
4- t i will fix margin padding in footer and contact us
about font , do you mean font-size and font-weight or font type

Use google fonts, add more layouts & add shortcodes as much as you can. Also add some variety like sliders, video headers etc. Please note that this is just a suggestion. we recommend do your own research & see newly approved templates.

thank you, very much brother I will fix errors and resubmit it again
please, I want to contact you after fixing errors :blush:

Please feel free to contact us, Also be assure to check current approved designs so your next entry could be according to their current requirements.

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Lot’s of themeforest standard issue are available in your item.
Best wishes for you overcome all these themeforest standard issue .

  • Buttons animation is too slow. Button animation isn’t simultaneous with text animation.
  • Circle icons aren’t circles.
  • In “Our Services” section box animations aren’t simultaneous. No separator in the middle box.
  • In “Creative Work” section doesn’t display projects. Displays only after using the navigation.
  • Typography is boring. Work on it because it gives a lot.

Generally, something is missing here.

thank you for your feedback ,:blush:
1-i want tutorial to learn typography .
2-how can i make animations simultaneous
thank you brother

should I make animation duration the same in all project ??