Hard Rejection for my Figma Template

Hi Team.,

Last Wednesday I have submitted my “Kandan - Personal Portfolio Template” which is one page template ( Figma Design ). But it was hard rejected by the team they mentioned “Kandan - Personal Portfolio Template” unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward . I’m totally new to ThemeForest . So let me know where i missed the quality in my design . It will more helpful to our next Figma Design.

Here I attached my design screenshots

Thank You.

You have many issues like typography, spacing and alignments, hierarchy, and stretched elements. Also, the overall design is totally outdated and looks like done in a hurry without any attention to detail.


Thank you for your quick response . If you don’t mind can you please explain briefly with example . I have used Francois One and Lato Font’s through out the site . Then I used 120px space for each sections . And can you please explain more about hierarchy and stretched elements . So that i can correct these things in my future work .

And don’t mind I’m new to Themeforest

I’s add to @DesignSomething comments - this would never be approved if coded and there are hundreds of similar items already available in HMTL or WP which further reduces the likelihood of approval

If you have only one of these issues you will get rejected. But with so many issues you have zero chances here.


Thank you @DesignSomething and @charlie4282 . I’ll correct those things in my next design .