hard rejection for 4k slideshow/ generic feedback results in no feedback

hi there
im founding my self so unmotivated not having a feedback other than does maybe not meet minimum desighn, technical, animation, quality, flexibility , usefulness, appeal, standards,broadcast readiness
all toguether, means none feedback.

it is a 4k project, well organized ae proj, . I would really appreciate any opinion since right now i just feel doubts about next projects.

kindest regards to all.

Hi. Hard rejections usually have those comments because it would be impossible to review hundreds of items and give a personal and individual feedback to every author with item/s rejected. Anyway, considering your work, you have to think about the slideshow category where you uploaded your project. It’s a huge category really oversaturated with many items with excellent quality. The best thing you can do is watching those approved works and check all those technical aspects that the reviewer answered to you, then you will see that your project has not the quality level required to get an approval. But don’t feel unmotivated, you can learn from those rejections what you have to improve to make better works. We all authors went through this process, I know is frustrating, but you’ll learn from this for sure.
Good luck! :+1:
Update: despite everything mentioned above, I just checked your portfolio. You have many many works better than this one, so all you have to do is upload a work with that quality your portfolio has and you will get approved

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thanks for your reply. I did check the approved works, im familiar with them at this point. I have being 8 years on envato now and really get in the fog when you work consistenly and one day a project built with your usual quality standards gets hard rejected and you get no clue about why.
I cannot paste the links of other authors items here, i do invite you to take a quick view your self by searching “back to school” under AE proj . the one thing i could remark is none of those are 4k.

I understand the review team cannot reply individually, but couldn`t they have a copy/paste short list of reasons? like “too may similar items” “unconsistent in desing” , “bad Ae construction” or such?

thank you again,

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I’ve seen that you have experience. But maybe the reason for such rejection is that you need something really new to outstand among all those “back to school” projects that already exist on videohive (maybe not just 4K). Because as we all know, slideshow category is giant and you have big competition there


thanks again for your words. i will when i recover from this jaja.
have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Same to you! :+1::blush:

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