Hard Rejection , Flutter E-commerce app ui template

Hi, I am a new author and i uploaded my item on codecanyon but it got hard rejected with no reason.
I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s an app ui template. I believe that my template quality is better than some other app ui template out there. What should I do now. Here are some demo screenshots and apk in my GitHub.

I am seeking for help please.
My thinking what i miss is,

  1. Providing not live view url, ( How should I do it’s an app not an website.)
  2. Provided three/four screenshots like same as in the link.
  3. I used product image in assets for demo purpose. And give credits on documentation.
  4. Code comment was not line by line or on top. Just in where it’s needed, because everything explained in documentation.
  5. Documentation is good enough.
    Help please. How could I improve it.??