Hard Rejection Feedback Needed

Dear authors, I need your experience to understand the reasons for the hard-rejection of my following track:



"Childish Playground" is a happy and playful track crafted with a strumming guitar introducing the marimba's main theme. Everything is sustained by gentle drums, bass, and a bouncy piano in the background. An ensemble orchestra comes in to let the listener's ears rest for a while before the marimba kicks in again.

Ideal for Commercials, YouTube videos, Children’s projects, DIY projects, Creative tutorials, Cute Animals videos, and everything has cuteness in it!

The "intro"+"body"+"outro" versions included let you build your long as much as you want version.


It includes (mp3+WAV):

- Childish PlayGround (Short Version) - 2:40

- Childish PlayGround (Long Version) - 1:36

- Childish PlayGround (Intro Version) - 0:24

- Childish PlayGround (Body Version) - 0:48

- Childish PlayGround (Outro Version) - 0:24


Any kind of request will be more than welcomed, 

Edoardo Scatola, InsideTheBox Team.


Track (Short Version):



I would like to understand if the reasons for the hard rejection concern the audio quality or the the audio package format (Could it concern the intro + body + outro tracks?).

Thank you in advance.

Edoardo Scatola, InsideTheBox Team.

Hey Edoardo,

The artificial, robotic ac strummed guitar is a reason enough for rejection! The strings don’t sound convincing, either. And the marimba seems to be slightly panned to the left.

Hope I wasn’t too harsh, but in my opinion you need to work on this track some more.

Love harshness as long as it helps!
Would you suggest me to “humanize” guitar and strings, and fix the marimba panning issues? Would it be enough? Or would it be better to move forward with a new track? What about packaging? I am new, there are many things still unknown to me. Thanks a lot for your reply!

There’s no guarantee that your track will get approved, even if you fix those issues. We’ve seen here outstanding, top-notch tracks that were still rejected for some reason. But a track with well played parts will stand a much better chance than a programmed, robotic sounding one.

Thanks mate, I appreciate that!