Hard rejection experience for new authors

Hi, I’ve been an author in Audio Jungle from about four months and I got a lot of tracks hard-rejected.

So…I don’t wanna start a topic as “what’s wrong with my music” and so on…but just hear from you guys some experience about having a hard begin dealing with music being approved and how you have got better in time…

Thanks and sorry for my bad English

Hi @FoddaiAudio,

we have the same problem. We are also an author for a couple of months now and it’s hard to build a portfolio. Some of our tracks, which we think are of high quality, are rejected. It seems a little bit random now, also because the feedback is not really informative (which I understand, because they can’t go into detail on every rejected track).

I understand that AudioJungle is very critical because they want to maintain a high standard, but I’m asking myself the same question as you; is it harder for new authors to upload their tracks?

Thanks for the answer @Foxhole_Music,

I think is different for everyone.
I read about authors that have a big portfolio and good sales just after a month on AudioJungle.
Having rejections is frustrating but helps new and not-experienced authors like us to reach a higher level. I’m pretty confident about that.
It would be very cool if top authors who had a similar experience in their past shared it with beginners like us…

In my experience, most people who start doing music have an over-inflated view of how good their own music is. I know myself, when I listen back to my first attempts at making songs as a teenager, I can’t believe it now because they sound so horrible. How on earth was I so excited about those songs at the time?!?

When you make your own music it’s easy to get attached to certain parts, because you’ve listened to them over and over again. And sometimes there are problem areas in your own music which you forget about because you’ve been working on it for hours and your brain blocks out the problems or becomes accustomed.

My advice is:

  1. Use this forum to study all the dozens of posts about hard-rejected items, most of the time people will post the music, and you will be able to hear the bad quality of rejected tracks and you will benefit from the comments of other forum members who are giving advice for improvements.
  2. Go and listen to pretty much any music on the AudioJungle catalogue which is in a similar category to your own. Don’t just listen to the top-sellers, most of the time the low selling tracks are as good or BETTER than the top-sellers. Very few tracks get approved by Envato without being excellent quality, and I believe the standard is getting tighter, which is actually good for all of us. Certainly the average track on AudioJungle is better than the average track on some sites, for example AudioSparx has some woeful music. I believe Pond5 apply a similar tight level of scrutiny as Envato. PremiumBeat have a different model, they are not open to submissions, however their standard is more or less the same as AudioJungle.
  3. Listen to your track, and be honest, does it sound more like the other rejected tracks posted on the forum, or does it sound more like the accepted tracks in the AJ catalogue?
  4. Post your hard-rejected tracks on here, just one per thread please, and you can guarantee you’ll get a helpful response from someone. I try my best to respond to every hard-reject thread, I see it as a way of hopefully helping out my fellow members. But I am brutal in my comments.
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Thanks a lot @BlueSkyAudio for these helpful advices…and being “brutal” is one of my favorite ways to get right to the point. Wait and see for my next hard rejection…

Hi! I too had in due time a lot of rejected traces… I just analyzed that where that simply my music not commercial and not the necessary quality and I began to be improved and study! And then everything turned out!!! Now refusals less and less :slight_smile: Good luck to you, everything at you will turn out! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Blue_Giraffe :wink: