Hard Rejection. Can you help me to understand ?

Hello everyone

This tracks was rejected and I would like to understand why. To me, everything seemed good and balanced enough to be accepted here, so I finally miss the point and something is wrong here

Can you help me please ?

Thank you very much !

Hi @Delightradon!
Is this a full version on SoundCloud? Because I hear a loud click (like a sound was cut) at the beginning.
Also Low Mids are too muddy. Drums could be stronger.

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Hi SineBricks
Yes, this is the full version on SoundCloud. The click is only present in SoundCloud, strange.
Low Mids are really too muddy. I will correct the drums

Thank you for your comments! I will continue to work

Clicks at the beginning or end of a track may not occur in your DAW. So you should always listen to your rendered track (mixdown) in an audio player. But here’s a trick: some players have fade in/out turned on by default, so you need to turn it off. And, believe me, if something is wrong in any player or on any platform, that means you missed something. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. Good luck