Hard rejection - Can you guys give me some feedback ?

Here’s the track : https://soundcloud.com/lonepeakmusic/creepy-haunted-rock-mp3/s-gFj6vjSuorr

It’s sort of prog, starts slowly, etc… I know that It’s not an usual style for royalty free music. But is there something wrong regarding the production ?

A few thoughts: I like the idea, it’s not a common track. The synth is maybe a bit flat/outdated with an unusual harmony and the track is fairly busy. Make it easier to listen to. Maybe you should also bring the guitar earlier. Maybe other authors have other opinions, but this is my 2 cents. Good luck!


Hi There, I agree with the other author, great track! Some really cool moments in it.
Unfortunately, you answered your own question. “Not a usual style for royalty free music.”
It’s commercial appeal is quite low.
Regards production, it doesn’t sound “epic” enough to me. The mix could be improved. Everything sounds very dry. Drums sound too quiet and fake. If this is your usual kind of music then I would suggest better sample libraries for choir, drums etc.
Your guitars sound amazing, make sure everything else matches that standard.
Keep going, i wish you all the best