Hard rejection background

Sorry to say but this is beyond any marketplace standards.

How can I make it suitable for marketplace standards.

In order to do design, you need to be a designer. In order to become a designer, you need to graduate from college or institute as a designer.

What happened to online self learning

As a rule, this is poor-quality and too short training.
Plus, initially you need to have some designers talent. Sorry for the frankness, but now I see that this is far from this.
Compare your work with the work in the market. I think you can see the difference.

I know i am a beginner thats why am asking what is my mistakes to correct.

My friend, as the others before me said, this item is beyond any marketplace standards. It’s good that you want to learn and want feedback. But here it’s hard to even give feedback and point out “mistakes”. You can’t expect that people will take from their time to educate you on basic design principles.
Learn and practice a lot, there is nothing wrong with online courses by the way.

Apply to this class https://shorturl.at/DJLS0 and you will understand much more then anyone can tell you here.

Thanks for your positive response.l will try to educate my self more.

LOL i did not do and many guys that i know did not do either lol i had professional training , personally but u are right completely right, i takes years to become a designer, and training and even school are just basis, this is no with this that u become a designer indeed … (unless this is an initial education as u suggested :slight_smile: )

Well, I talked about this. In order to become a designer, you need to go a long way. Starting at an institute or college, etc…

hi the thing is that what u have done it really too raw and rushed, not to mention that we are not sure , at this stage , that u are any close from having the level to reach the high standards expected here …
1- what is the item for?
this is hard to identify what is your goal with this illustration, what is the purpose of the work and who is supposed to be the target , which turns out to be a real problem indeed …
2- raw style
look at this time, pls do not take this personally but what u have looks like the drawing of a child … and what u need is the “drawing of a professional drawer”. This, means, among other ingredients that u need to bring to the table that u need to bring way more attention, care and details to the table
3- shadowing
the shadowing is either inaccurate or absent in some cases, to have a chance to take your game to the next level, this is something that u really need to pay attention to …
4- realism
not sure what is the cause for this … did u rush too much or did u fait to identify what u needed to do, hard to tell, though the fact of the matter is that the reflection in the sea is highlighting a real matter of realism, whether the reflection should be round if u keep the item as such … or then, if u feel this is reflection should be the right one, so that means that u need to introduce waves on the seas … u cannot keep in the mid way , this is not working …
the shape of the island is also quite a problem as it automatically makes u get in the kind of shape that looks very childish , but , once again, u are a bit too much in the mid way so that this can work , even as considered as a child item …
5- colors
the good thing is that the colors are contrasting but the fact of the matter is that despite this good point, the scene looks pretty unrealistic … there is no way here where the dark weather and moon and influencing the color of grass indeed
6- horizon line
this is not well executed enough , the transition between the sky and the sea
7- clouds
i recommend that u have different shapes and sizes and have a disposition that looks not as aligned as this is right now , so that this looks not that raw in terms of result …
8- execution
well i am not sure what some items are supposed to be and i guess u can identify that this is a problem for either the reviewer or the potential buyer … (like the shape on the ground in front of the palm tree)