Hard rejection (Audio Jungle)

I’m sure others have posted the same type of question. Are there any Authors willing to review a few of my submissions that have been rejected, I’d like to limit the number in the future. I’ve submitted 7 and they have all been rejected. Please let me know if you have time to help me out. Here are the links to them, these all have been ‘hard rejects’ I am new to marketing jingles so all the advice I can get would be great. I tried to follow the Audio jingle guidelines however it’s obvious i need some help. Thank you.

Hi @doublelloyd

Sure no problem just post the links here (e.g. soundcloud) in this topic so people can listen to it and post comments. :smiley:

Ok, i’ve edited my post and included some of the files. Thank you

Hi ! First of all: in Happy Flute1 you should change the sound of the flute and add some reverb an delay on it. Now it sounds very primitive but this is the lead instrument ! in Knowhere To Run check the Pan… I here too many sound in left channel… and the guitar needs to be quantized.

Happy flute 1 - The music is good. You need to work on the mix more.
The flute and clarinet are not realistic enough. Try using better sample, or add some reverb.
I don’t like the snare, can’t tell if it’s the sample or the mix.

Political bell - Same thing, although it does sound a bit repetitive, try adding some variation.

Knowhere to Run - Acoustic guitar sound is harsh, maybe making it more mellow will fit the song better. Try lower velocity.
I think the intro is too long, you don’t need to repeat the same section twice.
When the drums kick in, there’s some serious clashing between instruments. Going back to first section at the end of the song was very abrupt.

You need to try and mix the songs better, it’s very obvious in the 3rd song.

Sorry if I am too blunt with the comments, just trying to help and list you the specific things.

Thank you, your feedback and comments are very much appreciated!

Yes very plain and dry sounding. You need reverbs delays, and sounds in the background to fill up the empty space

There’s some background noise at the start of some of your tracks, that is quite loud. And your tracks don’t sound “produced”, it sounds like everything is recorded from the output of a keyboard. The ideas are good, but the sound is not pro IMHO.

Ok, I appreciate your feedback, I went back and listened for background noise, I even soloed tracks and don’t hear any noise. I record through Logicprox, I use Logic drummer and drum machine designer through logic for most the rhythms. I use a Motif xf8 and a Korg kronos for most instruments, mostly the Motif. I don’t record with midi or usb for the Motif but man all there is is silence when I solo the tracks. which tracks are you refering to if you don’t going back and naming them, maybe it was a pad or something.
Thanks again.

Right at the start of “Political Bell” there’s some quite audible noise.

I agree with what everyone has been saying, except the background noise, I don’t hear any.

I’ll also add that compositionally, the rhythm and groove is all very square sounding. Straight quarter notes and eighth notes all the time. Have fun with grooves and make stuff that feels live and interesting to listen to. But be careful, if you get crazy with drums and groove it can be off-putting and sound odd. Listen to real drummers and emulate.