Hard Rejection and show quality standard required.

I have submitted one HTML landing page which is created following w3 validations, mobile responsive, and SEO Friendly. After reviewing ThemeForest it’s showing unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required. I need help to find my mistake because I already show this page to one of my friends who have expertise in ThemeForest he said to me everything is okay. In the folder, I upload with this formate http://prntscr.com/110abcp also inside the Nimble folder http://prntscr.com/110acf3

You’d need to share your demo link if you want feedback

please have a look.
This is a simple landing page for collection moving quote.

With respect there’s nothing premium about this that could not easily be found for free online

The design basics like spacing and hierarchy could all do with work but fundamentally you need to improve the features, functionality and concept first

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As per my observation and work experience with the direct client, most of the clients like the simple and fresh design for the landing page. Also i have checked there are many simple designs for landing pages in ThemeForest.
Also in previous, I have submitted one portfolio template that also hard rejected. I don’t know why is happening to me every time. I saw some Worse than my design that is accepted on ThemeForest.
My this design also reject Home - Bis Portfolio
Is there no way to accept this. Because people have different tastes about design.

The issue you have is that while yes, many clients might like basic or minimal design - this is a stock marketplace which is not the same thing as designing for clients. The priority here is about versatility and functionality to maximize appeal and potential for different buyers.

The other link you shared is again just not premium especially in probably the most crowded category on Themeforest. You have to bring uniqueness, modern design, stand out features, or functionality which distinguish and add value to an item beyond what people could just download for free

the main function of moving quote landing page is the quote form and some features and work process also you have seen my landing page quote form is working. I saw some Worse than my design that is accepted on ThemeForest. so why not my design?

Unfortunately what is good or not is very (and unavoidably) subjective, and there could be numerous reasons. Without seeing the items it’s impossible to judge

There will inevitably be items that get through that perhaps should not (Envato gets tens of thousands of submissions a month so it’s unavoidable). But the priority should always be to focus attention on investing time and effort in improving your items rather than comparing them to others

So everything (coding standard) is okay, just need to improve the design pattern?