Hard rejection again.

Can anyone help me with some info maybe i make something wrong and i don’t know.

I have atached the last logo i got rejected the main prew photo. And here is the description of the logo:
Rangers Logo Design

Files format: AI

Color mode: CMYK

Fully Editable

Fonts used: BigNoodleTitling, Arial

If you need any help making changes or another file format contact me and i will provide the necesary help.

Rate if you like my work!

Is there anything wrong with this? Please i need help this is making me crazy as i got rejected with any file i try to upload here.

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You should maybe start by looking at this logo really small. Logos should read upside down and backwards, from close up and far away; or even shooting down the highway at 70MPH.

Little details, like the feathers on the chin of the bird might actually cause issues when printed too small. It might look like the printer let the ink bleed out. Not to sound too harsh, but this isn’t really a logo, so much as a vector silhouette that could have come from any photo. And with the bird trapped in that tight circle it difficult to even read that it’s a bird.

Don’t mean to be mean; just want to be honest. Do keep at it! Logos are tough!!

Everyone hs they’r own opinion ofcourse i wil not be mad. indeed this is not some amazing work but even so there are a lot of shit works that get aproved and that i don;t really understand they quality.

Maybe you logo is basic design but need add colors from draw for example add colors eyes, nose, etc (add different colors as professional) and better you typography text easy read, regards.

thx for making some pointers

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