Hard Rejection. Advice and Suggestions for Killer Template


Check solidbusiness.co to see the template.

  1. took forever to load
  2. user experience is very bad in Safari, better in Chrome
  3. looks broken on mobile
  4. overall, it doesn’t look very good and this “hover to scroll” functionality is poorly implemented. You will need something much better to be approved here


Thanks for feedback. I’ll look into the issues you’ve mentioned.


Just three more questions.

  1. Do you feel like the “hover to scroll” can be a wining point if well implemented?
  2. By saying “poorly implemented”, do you mean improving user experience in Safari? Please help me understand that part.
  3. Is http://weareeli.dk/ a better scroll concept?

Thanks :slight_smile:


1.) It can be a nice touch, but I don;t consider it to be a “killer” feature
2.) The scrolling works very bugged to me
3.) Well, your theme looks like a cheap rip off of that site IMHO