Hard Rejection 4. Please give me advice.

I submitted my items four times and all the four times they got rejected. This is the item which I submitted finally. Can someone tell me if there is any problem? Is it get hard rejected if there is an issue in the design only? Isn’t it get hard rejected when there is an issue in the description or the files?

Thank you so much!

Items don’t usually get Hard Rejected if there’s a simple fix, such as something with the file or description. A Hard Rejection typically means that you need to make some substantial changes to the item before it will be accepted, or even just do something different altogether.


hi it’s hard to know exactly the reason why the item was hard rejected, though, honestly, as far as i am concerned, indeed, i am not convinced by anything indeed … i tend to believe that the shape is not smooth enough and that the typo part is neither really convincing nor really harmonious when u put tagline and title altogether. This logo is also much in the same style than some others, colorwise and concept wise, as for me, i think u should concentrate on bringing a really unique logo to the table. i think that would be a good idea to have a look at logo in the same style, check what is working and what is not and try to get to figure out how to bring something completely new to the table

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Thank you so much for your advice! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile: