Hard Rejected(

Please, help defind what is wrong with these tracks.

About the first track, the composition is definitely good enough and interesting but there are too many loud and sudden, unexpected sound effects. Keep in mind that mainly AJ music is used as a background. Your sound effects are too distracting, this audio wouldn’t work as a background over narrator’s voice. Also, the strings are too loud and come in very suddenly (0:47). Probably a slow fade in would be much better. You need a better balance of volume levels, some parts are too loud. I guess arrangement could be changed as well to fit the standard structure, try to find some successful tracks here and replicate the same structure.

So if you remove sound effects it would be too ‘empty’. It already kind of is… I recommend adding a subtle rhythm (maybe mid frequency synths?) to add excitement and keep the listener interested.

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Thank you very much.

I’d take those sound effects out, and work on softening up the strings a bit on the first track. I like the idea, think it sounds real interesting.

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I think, that problem, that this tracks are not in audiojungle (royalty free music) format…
It’s difficult to use this tracks in videos!

But tracks are really nice, maybe you can change arrangment, you can make it more suitable for videos!)

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