Hard rejected

Here is a sample of your items reviewed

Hard rejected

No Reasons can anyone help me in this, please

You’d need to share more info and the demo link if you want feedback

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@charlie4282 this is demo link:- Click me

With respect, this does not really compete with the more popular and strong selling items available.

  • the demo is a bit chaotic with all the forms in the grid esp. as many of them are fairly similar with a diffident icon/title

  • you need to improve mobile optimization

  • the bigger issue is that there are numerous items now offering way more advanced functionality like drag and drop builders e.g. Quform - WordPress Form Builder by ThemeCatcher | CodeCanyon which leaves what you bringing here very basic and not especially premium

@charlie4282 thank you. so much for your valued feedback and guidelines. and I will optimization and resubmit it. but I show on codecanyon there has the same category as me and they got approval but in my case, I got the rejection. so can you help with it so I can prepare?

Be careful about resubmitting hard rejected items as you need to make a significant change and improvement or else you risk being blocked.

Other items could be any number of reasons e.g. how recently they were submitted etc. plus your demo etc. is really not good and would prevent the reviewer from looking at the detail of the plugin in any great detail

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