Hard Rejected.

Does this logo look generic, or what?

Elements: Letter W or E, Books, Globe (bottom curve)

Please, guide me.

Thank you!

hi, there is basically a rather cool idea here but the problem is that the way it came out is not satisfying at this stage, if u ask me, as the way u materialized the idea is quite simple and the logo can be redone in a couple of minutes, which substantially impacts the commercial potential of the concerned item. for a buyer to buy u need to generate two kinds of feelings: 1- the one that people will save significant time out of buying 2- make them offer a graphic design products going beyond their own capacity and design skills . the problem is that none applicable in this case, not to mention that, let’s face it, of course we understand that the w is made of books on a shelf so to speak but u come to this conclusion after u analyze the logo … I personally think that u cannot make it in GR with a logo that is so very minimalist like this, as your item has tooter extra value for the platform to be interested in it. Otherwise, u also have additional issues to deal with. The typo is clean but also a bit flat , introducing more font combinations and touches of originality may contribute to generate some relief and have something catching more people’s attention , in my opinion. I would also suggest that maybe using a bolder font for the name of the company could be taking the logo to the next level as well so that both illustration and text parts are matching more in the end. Finally, but not least , there is a matter of imbrication according to me , I assume that this is due to the rounded shape of the lower part of the w but the illustration and text part look somewhat “geographically” disconnected due to the positioning of these two parts towards each other …

Thank you, n2n44, like always! Your tips help me in improving myself! They polish my thoughts!

hi hope so , I am happy if I could actually help u, this is the purpose. I identify that sometimes this is not always easy to accept all sort of critics and u have a very positive attitude and I am sure that the concerned attitude helps u right away and will help in the future :slight_smile: now, if u believe that u have enough clues as regard to what to do with the items can check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck buddy

Yes, n2n44, they do.

Maybe you know, I’m a self-taught graphic designer; concentrating much on logo designing. My sources of learning are YouTube videos and informative articles on the internet. Above all, I learn by experience. Day by day, I feel improvement in my work. But, as, there is no one to guide or correct me while I’m creating designs; I go with my instinct.

But, I collect tips, views and theories, and try to apply them in my next designs.

Again, other tips and views; and the process goes on and on!

Now, it is above 1.5 years, I feel a bit confident while exploring concepts!

Thank you once again for all your attention, appreciation, and well wishes!

there is a good old French saying that “Rome city was not built within a day” which is very adequate to the situation ,for sure u will learn more and more and if u do what it takes u will be progressive day by day and take your gate to the next level. Youtube is a cool tool to learn, depending also on which channels u learn from but there are some pretty good artists there , this is the bottom line. u have a positive attitude anyway buddy and I am sure that all will be better and better for u at a time :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile:

oh and pls check the solution box if u feel like u have enough clues as regard to what to do :slight_smile: