Hard Rejected!!!!

Thank you all who took their time to help me. I will try to improve.

It looks ok but I don’t think this is very suitable for sale on a stock marketplace.

Wouldn’t it require a store to make quite a bit of amends and alignment with their POS and stock management?

I really can’t see anyone searching a site like CodeCanyon when researching a solution to do that when there are so many proven and purpose-built platforms out there, that do not come with the same updates and support risks

Thank you for your reply. But, in CodeCanyon there are several items like that. So, Will adding extra features and functionality help me to sell the item in the marketplace?

Maybe - it’s not a category I know much about

Thank you for your reply. I am trying to understand that is it the code or the feature itself that I need to improve.


You have received several hard reject for this item. When you receive hard rejection, you cannot resend this item. Probably addition of new functionality is not enough for approval.
My advice is to move on. Create new product that will be unique in market and you will never get rejection.


Thank you for your reply.