Hard rejected, :)

Before writing a new track I go and look at the tracks in Aj. on the desired style. after writing, I again compare the quality, motive etc I’m getting special treatment? or should I just collect the tracks with very poor quality are accepted on Aj and create a topic here? “Envato” note on their inspection. And Yes, I support the policy of “freedom of speech”.

Hello! I can give a feedback if it is required. I see 3 main points that could affect the decision of the reviewer.

  1. You have a beginning from one track and a continuation from another (I mean stylistics). Customers do not always listen to the whole track, and often make a decision to buy after the first 10 seconds of sound. They will be disappointed that the stylistics of the main part does not coincide with the introduction.
  2. The arrangement is very strange. Unfortunately this is not a commercial sound, however. I think we should always remember that this place is a market. And you make your music not for yourself, but for buyers who in turn expect to get a quality product for their money.
  3. You also need to work on mixing. The track does not sound whole. The kick is very hard to beat, and the instruments do not have the most pleasant timbre.
    I hope I helped you! :slight_smile:
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The chord on the first bar gives a 80s feeling, kind of Airwolf. Dont know why.

80’s vibes may be a problem in modern categories.

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there are some fairly strange modulations/key changes that aren’t typical for this style. also the electric guitars at the start are very harsh. that would be my main guesses…

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