Hard rejected, would like some feedback :)


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

A few quick impressions:

  1. The feel is somewhat static, almost mechanical, instead of lively and upbeat -> overly quantized maybe?
  2. The drums are annoying and also too loud
  3. The top end is pretty harsh which adds to the drum problem

All together gives the track an artificial and annoying note instead of the desired nice and happy feel.

Thanks for the response!

Mix is the main problem I think: too much high end, not enough lows.

Maybe try to play the glockenspiel or bell-like melodic instrument an octave lower or at least change the sound for another one a bit more meatier (because this one feels very «plinky» for lack of a better word). Simply rethinking the choice of instruments to cover a wider frequency range would already help I think. Plus I agree with FirstNote that the drums are problematic too.

Just some quick ideas, maybe it will help :slight_smile:

The drums definitely need to be replaced by more vibrant and soft… and would have made all the instruments less velocity . Mixing is also a separate issue - too much stereo effects for this kind of music and I would do less of compression on all …

Thanks for the great advice guys, appreciate it

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Agree with guys: there is no low frequences in mix, bad drums sound. Also inpression: instruments sound very “midi”, not dynamical. Check midi settings, try to “humanize” sound and make it more dynamic.