Hard Rejected WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme hard rejected this is reviewer message
Examples of areas which look terribly bland and/or unfinished but there are many more:

this is demo http://elina.pixelonetry.com/

Hi @pixelonetry, In short I would like to say you are using copy paste content (repeat content) for your demo where you must need to provide a complete demo. for example: same lorem ipsum text for all posts, same designation for all team members … and also post title should be some unique not same as like Featured Post 01, Featured Post 02 …


I think that you have problem list:

  • Need improvement typography

  • spacing

  • bad color hover

I think as say @mgscoder you not need to copy past content all repeat content but you need use traduction English title and text, text (p) for content you can copy and paste “lorem…”

Thank you.

You may be ending up getting a soft reject message with an explanation " Due to WordPress has now high standards" regarding to the design and features.