Hard rejected wordpress theme on themeforest

Hi, Im trying to submit a wordpress theme to themeforest, and actually this is the 2nd time.
Both times got hard rejected. I made sure on the 2nd try that all coding standards follow the wordpress.org documentation, commenting, syntax, formats etc… But still, the theme got hard rejected.
If anyone can pin point why this has been happening,I would really appreciate it.
Demo link: http://demo.churchdigitalministry.com/megachurch/

You must check quality themes, Everything seems very random.

Thank you Ninetheme for trying to help. May you please elaborate on what you mean by “everything seems very random” and clarification would be truly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

Forms, buttons, h1-h2 elements and more parts must be same coding, so check designs : https://themeforest.net/category/site-templates

Thank you Ninetheme, I appreciate your reply.

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Sorry to say, this item doesn’t meet basic design principle. You need to study about TYPOGRAPHY, Shape, Color, Presentations.

Thank you for your feedback, we truly appreciate it. This is our first attempt creating a WordPress theme any advice other than the issues you mentioned. Any additional information would be truly appreciated.
Thanks in advance codepassenger