Hard Rejected Wordpress Plugin

Why My Item Is Hard Rejected ?
One of my Item “WooSkeleton - Woocommerce Skeleton Loading Animation”

I just don’t understand how my item isn’t meet the Quality Standards

Its a great plugin to add premium look to a Normal WooCommerce Webiste

Here is The Demo:

You can’t be an exclusive author and submit items already for sale on other websites

Nope I’ve put it on the other websites after the rejection so that’s can not be the reason for rejecting my plugin

Cool plugin idea - my guess is that it’s too basic and doesn’t really make sense for them from a business perspective because it’s something that would have to sell for $5, $9, $19 at the most.

I think if you packaged this differently, as the “RocketSales - WooCommerce Conversion Optimization” plugin, and added some more features for conversion it would have been accepted / could be popular.

Plugins on here usually have 10-20+ features.

And make sure to follow all lines here: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000510603-WordPress-Plugin-Requirements

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Ok Thanks I’ll try to make it more better