Hard rejected - why?



I submit my jQuery script today and it was rejected under their “hard” criteria.

I take this personally as my script has had success outside of this marketplace (it would be within the top 3 of competitors scripts here), I’ve also checked the competition and I believe my script is at a minimum as good as the top 3.

You can see a demo here:


I feel there’s a lot of emphasis with Envato that something has to be overly designed, have way more features than is needs.

Why is it that developers who focus on making a script as light-weight and as customisable as possible suffer the most?

I’ve purchased scripts here before and the experience hasn’t been pleasant, having to strip out completely unnecessary functionality, multiple different color schemes etc. Why is this the better option than a script that is ready to go and very easy to customise out of the box?

I don’t want to come across as miserable or against this marketplace. I like the marketplace which is why I want to start listing my scripts here but I feel they Envato would rather see a script that’s bloated with un-needed functionality as it has more selling points.



I would appretiate any feedback regarding this



I would appreciate any feedback good or bad.



It’s clear that the Envato marketplace have no interest in providing feedback or assisting authors to list new products. I have no idea how this market place is so popular if they treat want to be authors so badly,

Can anyone from Envato provide some feedback/clarification as to why my product was rejected when it’s outsold most of the competition from your website outside of your marketplace and at a higher price?


Bump to Envato


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.



Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.Thanks.


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.Thanks.


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


It’s no longer required to get consent to store cookies on a device. That law changed ages ago.

If you want to comply (but really it doesn’t matter, the big guys don’t do it anyway) you just need to show a notice that you use cookies. No need for accept/confirm/allow buttons.

Also the close button in your demo redirects to # causing the page to jump to the top.

This type of script is so easily available on the market and elsewhere for free that it really wont get accepted. Best to file it away in your project folder and keep working on a new item. Maybe you can include this as a feature in a bigger item you sell down the track (e.g. a wordpress theme that has cookie notice built in?).

You seem to be keen on some feedback so hopefully that helps.

Best thing to do after submitting an item is to close everything down and start working on the next item. That way when rejects come back you always have a backup plan that is ready to go. Build build build lots of items.


Thanks for your feedback this is much appreciated. It’s a shame that Envato themselves aren’t more vocal and engaged. I added it only because I feel my script is better than the existing scripts in the directory.

I’ll move onto the next one