Hard rejected why ?!!


With respect you are a long long way off the standards for here.

  • There are fundamental issues throughout with spacing, typography, hierarchy etc.

  • Images cropped

  • Concept is very very over done on the marketplace and quite outdated

  • Lacks premium features and functionality

  • Code doesn’t validate

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So please If you can tell me exactly what’s these points im sorry for that
But I need to improve
Can you help Or tell how I can fix them or mention UX / UI design book of course thank you

Honestly it all needs work - look at big selling items already for sale and consider:

  • the attention to detail they offer

  • the uniqueness and quality in features and functionality

it’s not possible for anyone here to teach stuff like typography and hierarchy. Things like these are basics of design and creative and have to be expected on a premium marketplace

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Okay thank you
MR.charlie for advices