Hard Rejected? Why? Need feedback

“Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again” But already 4 tracks took, made on this template approved that sell well. Why did this happen?

Please try another epiano or remove it. It sound not quite good here.

I think about it. Maybe stereo delay on epiano was the reason. But then I can send for review? I got hard rejected!

Hi mate,
In this style, you can add 909 kick type for better, deeper kick sound. It’s some kind of funk deep house. You can keep the piano but low the level as background is fine. You main instrument here are : Kick, bass, guitar, pad. Don’t make the epiano become the main instrument like this. After changing, it’s a new track for review for sure.
Hope you get better luck. I love your track.
Ps : More reverb for space, side chain for pumping - dancing feel.

Thank you! I’ll try to remake everything and send it again

I think it is stereo piano or main sound! But i think its sound great!

It’s sad that a standard letter does not allow you to do a job to identify the reasons for the rejection. The reviewer might ask to replace the stereo piano, but it’s no easier to give a hard reject. I thought that the stereo piano is a cherry which will decorate the arrangement like a cake.