[hard rejected] why my item hard rejected again and again please help me?

I am submitting an ecommerce item that is giving hard reject. Will expert can help me make this item to get at least a soft reject? Thanks in advance <3


logo img break.



Look this picture and see the problem


wow. I am fixing the server file location.
Thanks for the reply

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

The “Shop By Brands” logos need more padding because they are cropped.

Try sending without tawk.to chat, I think that could be a reason too.

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Thank you so much Rafamem.
I will work on it.

Can you tell me more issues?
It will help me to make the perfect one.

Thanks in advanced <3

  • Copy and paste products and images feels very unfinished e.g. in all categories

  • Login does not work to the left by the logo

  • By brand logos are cropped and pixelated

  • Apply for courier page/form is too big

  • Logo does no feel premium and is pixelated

  • Offers page does not exist


Test your code with this tool https://validator.w3.org/

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I received 5 errors.

Thank you rafamem

I am fixing the issues and will update the demo. <3 <3
really appreciate the help. I will knock back again.

Thank you, charlie4282
Your comments will help me make the application qualities. I am working on it and please review my next demo update I will let you know. Really feeling good. Thanks again. <3 <3

Spelling errors - perhaps not a big deal but they annoy me:

Search for “Spacification” and replace with “Specification”;
Search for “Manage Complain” and replace with either “Manage Complaints” OR “Manage Issues”;
Your Tag links don’t work;
And your homepage for example has 6806 lines of code - that’s a lot of code. By comparison Open Cart 415 lines on their demo.

The admin area looks far from finished.

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Thank you, 123Simples
Your comments will help me make the application qualities.

I fixed the Spelling errors.
Can you help me with how can I reduce lines of code?

Can you suggest any improvement to the admin panel?

Thanks <3

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
On the point I made about lines of code, I was at the time just looking at the homepage which has a lot of content, so I assume then admin of the store you can choose which categories, brands would appear on the homepage?

The admin area looks confusing - and I’m used to seeing confusing admin areas before. What you should consider is your clients who are potentially going to buy this script. You might KNOW IT INSIDE OUT, but people seeing it for the first time will be over-whelmed, and then when they get annoyed, they then complain and ask for refunds.

Ask someone you know who is not a web designer, and then say to them does this make sense to them? If the answer is no, then you need to change it to make it more simple.

For example - left hand side navbar -

I want to get to the sections - so as an example:
You have Translation, Currency, Data Analytics, SMTP Settings, SEO all under separate links. I would suggest one link called “SITE SETTINGS” and then have those tabs under that MAIN CATEGORY. Also I did not see a way to setup Payment Settings on the admin area.

Wow. Thanks a lot.
I just improved the application that you said to me earlier. Here are the screenshots.

Also, I removed unnecessary Sections from the front end.

Let me know about it.

Thank you again <3

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That looks a lot better on the screenshots. When I clicked on the URL link in your original post it would not open BUT I would suggest that you remove the link for now, OR AT LEAST make sure that people checking the link, don’t mess around with your admin settings/dashboard area.

I think those changes have definetly improved the admin area for sure. Have a nice weekend my friend.

Best wishes :slight_smile:

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Thank you 123Simples,

yeah, the domain is just updated.
You can check my current update https://epiktheme.com/eCommerce

I really appreciate your help <3

Hi Experts,

Please help me now with my latest update and let me know is it okay to submit it.
The demo link is updated.

I love you guys for being so friendly. Thanks <3


I think it needs more work - for example as I customer I tried to order but it wouldn’t let me do it. On your checkout page - for example I ordered 10 items. Under action column there is an eye to VIEW, but shouldn’t a customer be able to remove item or items at this stage (if they need to).

When I tried to place the order as a CUSTOMER LOGIN, then nothing happened.

I think you need to really test and re-test the system to make sure it is fool-proof. You don’t want to get a rejection, but I think if you were to submit it as it is now, I think it would not pass.

See what others say here too.

@Blaszicken - check your Direct Message inbox :slight_smile: