Hard rejected...Who benefits?

Happy New Year!

In my portfolio there is a video 3D character Santa. It already has a sale.

Now, I did a small project with this character and animation.

But my project just took and hard rejected.
Usually projects can sales better separate video.
Why throw away work with qualitative 3D characters?
Who benefits?


Firstly, it looks like the same project ( it’s )
Secondly, the Christmas season is already over. It’s already new year and after 4 days, the item won’t sale till next year

So what … I have snowflakes and sold in January and February.
Designers make out the video and after the holiday. My project is very simple and can to be useful.

Hello everybody. More no one else can say anything?
(By the way the sound is included in the project and it should not be bought separately)

Besides on the animation that you created, its pretty weak.

Apart from the person who has uploaded the file, everyone benefits. Envato benefits as the marketplace is populated with high quality items which is a good thing for buyers. If everything was accepted, then they’d have to wade through five to ten times as many files to find the one they want, and the majority of those files wouldn’t be very good.

Happy buyers who have a positive experience on the site, come back for more, and they might even recommend Envato to others. Repeat buyers and an increase in buyers is good for everyone… more people buy more files, so everyone’s a winner. If it’s taking somebody ages to find what they want, and most of the stuff is not to their liking, then they might head somewhere else.

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Hi! You make 3D person animation? I’m curious to see (link).

Pretty weak or not - to decide the buyer…This animation that I created has already actually sales

Hi! Many letters… This is my 3D character is already available as a video file and sold, but as project hard rejected. This product is not available to the buyer

Ok, good to know.

Sorry, what are you trying to say?

I’m just acknowledging what you said. The thing you have to keep in mind is that just because a video is accepted, doesn’t mean an After Effects project would be. You need to think of the value and customisability that a template can bring.

You’re right of course, but the 3D character for a few days already bought 2 times with this animation. This means that it is a high quality, and passed like a buyer. Why not use the customer project with this character and animation? Let not the top sales, but sales are very likely in this case,

A similar situation with my other project. FullHD sells well, and UltraHD the same project hard rejected. As a result buyer no can choose the price and quality.
Why … I do not understand

The first reviewer might have thought it was borderline, but in your favour, and the second might have thought the same, but not in your favour. Submit it again and add a note with a link to the existing item and it should get approved.

It’s too simple to be approved as an AE project. All of the main things you can do in the AE template would be achievable by just adding content on top of, or at the end of, the existing animation… apart from changing the background. They might want to change the text by the time 2018 rolls around, but I’m sure you’ll release a new version by then.

The thing is, it doesn’t really fit into any category. It’s far too simple for a logo sting, not long or complex enough for an opener or titles, and there are no placeholders for a promo, slideshow or video display.

If it was me, I’d upload it as a motion graphics item, a png version of the animation with transparent background (without text), and bundle it with a selection of pre-rendered backgrounds and text options. You could make it some kind of kit as well… different animated elements that people can use to populate the scene… reindeer, snowmen, christmas trees, elves, the sleigh etc.

Your are right. Of course, from any video can be to build the project.
But for the buyer should be able to do it and spend time on it.
Moreover, in this case, additional paths have been created snow for motion video effects and text edited disclosure logo + 3D animation of the character.
And it’s all packaged in a project with a fast setting the basic parameters of the functions.
Personally, I spent a few days on it.
Why do we need to do to the buyer when he could buy ready-made low-cost project?

I respect the work of all the authors. 3D character animation - it is a creative and very difficult.
Here are some animation 3D Santa other authors, which adopted and put up for sale

And it’s my job

None of those are After Effects projects though!

“Besides on the animation that you created, its pretty weak” (Wesual)

At the beginning of my post was this comment on the quality of my 3D animation

I have nothing against it. How many people, so many opinions, but everything is relative.

SpaceStockFootage, thank you very much for your answers ! It is important to me.

How do you say, is better to do a small set of PNG video than simple project with this 3D animation
(in my experience - is a less work)

Only it is not clear how this will affect the number of sales - a similar project in comparison with the like video package?

What loquitur the experience or statistics? (I some reason thought that the project sells better)

Well it won’t be accepted as an AE project, so that would mean zero sales. If you’re on about the sales of your existing item, yes, you’ll get some cannibalisation, but it’s like an upgrade to the existing video… some will buy the existing one, some will pay the extra and buy the kit. So even if you only have a few sales of the kit, it should mean you make more money than you do currently.