Hard rejected - What's wrong with this track?

Sadly this track got hard rejected. Any criticism/ideas? What’s wrong with it?

Damn, that sounds totally commercially viable! If that wasn’t accepted, then that’s discouraging.


Ukulele sounds good. The whistle and the electric guitar sound not quite realistic. I’m not sure that an electric guitar is appropriate in such a genre of music. It seemed to me that the rhythm that sounds from 1:06 sounds more logical and harmonious.

Do you think I may re-submit this if I change the following things:

  • Re-recording whistle.
  • Getting rid of the electric guitar.
  • Using the rhythm at 1:06 throughout the piece.
  • Different structure?

In general, it is forbidden to re-upload rejected tracks.You can save the idea, but the track must be completely redesigned. If I’m not mistaken of course. Correct me if I’m wrong, Envato)


absolutelly agree… I did this sometimes: I composed a new track based from an old rejected rack, changing and taking care of some elements… then was accepted ! :slight_smile:
i think it’s easy to do, because there’s over 600000 tracks here, and most of them have similar structures and progressions. The real challenge is to do something different, but at the same time showing some creativity and “catching” what’s the point that makes different your work, without losing the point of commerciality.