Hard rejected. What's the reason?

Hi, friends!
Today again hard rejected my new video clip motion graphics. I don’t understand the reasons for that. Tell, please, why my 3D animation do not allow for sale?

I dont think there is nothing wrong with you 3d animation but I think you didnt give the buyer enough options for customizing, you only have the year and if its a prerender for after effects project, than there isnt an option for buyer to change everything.

If its just a video clip for stock footage than i dont know how the review process works for that cuz I m only uploading after effects project files.

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Hello again!
And here’s another today again hard rejected my new immediately 2 video clip motion graphics

Why can’t these my works be seen by the buyer? Tell, please, what should I do next?

Thanks for the reply hrvojefx . But it’s just motion graphics. Waiting for help on the forum… Don’t know what to do next

Here is another new Hard Reject. Now 3D Santa Skier 2019 (Alpha Pack).
The theme is actual, the character passed quality control, animation is not simple.
All these videos were to be posted on Videhive in Motion Graphics at prices no higher than the analogues.
Please tell me, what’s the reason hard reject?

Hello Cinemultic,
maybe the answer is simpliest possible. Reviewer thinks the item will not sell. Check out what´s available on market today and try to find gaps between your items and others. I personally do not think that your animation is impressive, maybe you need to learn more techniques. It is a process that takes some time till the item is good enough to be accepted for sale. Find tutorials on web, study, try your best… And do not give up! BTW maybe leave that Santa topic and focus on something else.

Thanks for your general tips, although they does not completely answer my question.
Unfortunately, I can not objectively evaluate my 3D Santa, therefore different opinions are important to me.

Here Videohive search “3D Santa” (Newest items):

Hello Cinemultic,
I checked out your “Santa” items that were approved and also those rejected. Those rejected show year 2019 or a ball with year 2019, approved ones show only Santa animation. Maybe here is the reason of rejection…

Thank you, friend, for your attention to my problem!
Those video which you say, there is not only the animation of Santa, there is also his facial expressions, there is animation of snow, there is animation ball. Figures 2019 covered also by snow after animation. It’s not that simple.

Friends! Frankly, I do not know what to do next on by topic “3D Santa”. Most of my Motion Graphics are not accepted and how else to improve my character I have not yet found the answer.
Here’s search for “3d Santa” on Videohive:

Hello friends!
Today again hard rejected more my new motion graphics 3D Santa.
What’s the reason? What to do next?

Hello Cinemultic, it seems your graphics are rejected whenever you use globe showing the YEAR or just a YEAR. What about to avoid it? Use something dfferent, something more universal. I saw that your graphics with christmas tree and Santas skiing around it was accepted. I am quite sure you spend a lot of time to improve your work and get it approved, however think about if you spend too much efforts for this topic. Or just make a break and start with something fresh new.

Thank you for your attention… Maybe you are right, I should try to remove the year 2019… (although in one of the remote videos The reason is not)
It is unfortunate that the deviation comes with a standard letter … real reason for failure incomprehensible… This greatly complicates the task

Frankly speaking, the theme of 3d Santa to me already bored… But it is now actual… But not for long… After this I will work to with other characters


As @skyjoy said, try to do something new, and forget this idea, and also try to avoid getting rejected, because too many rejects will cause your account to be suspended.

Best of luck :+1:

I think in your cases it might just be usability of the footage.

Try something new this idea clearly doesn’t work for them.

Good Luck and happy holidays :slight_smile:

Here again … hard reject … there are no 3D Ram analogues on Videhive …
What else is needed to accept my work?