Hard Rejected Tune - want to know why!

My tune that I uploaded to Audio Jungle has been “Hard Rejected”. I realise that there is never an explanation given (this is quixotic as Audio Jungle make money from tunes uploaded), and so I thought I’d post it here.

Please don’t pull any punches, but as a professional musician of 25 years’ experience, I’m keen to get to the bottom of this, so I’m not automatically wasting my time uploading stuff that’ll be automatically rejected!

Hey @dbmuso! Welcome to the forums!

I really loved the atmosphere of the track! It brings me a warm and sweetly melancholic Lou Reed-ish vibe.

Look, sorry if I’m being too straight forward, no pun intended at all, but the commercial uses of these track are perhaps a bit narrow for today’s Audiojungle standards. Also, it needs quite some work in terms of production, mixing and mastering. To mention a few elements I would re-think: the ping-pong delayed synth bass, the 808 (which I love from the heart), the pads. There’s nothing particularly wrong with them but I think they could be blended together better in the mix, and I would also go for a tighter and brighter master.

Anyway, just a few humble opinions. Hope it helps!


Thanks very much for your feedback, and I shall rethink. I value your opinions here and your straightforward explanations are massively helpful. I understand the 808 might be a bit dated too.
As Audiojungle don’t accept remixed versions of the same thing (do I have that right?), I can try something else.

Thanks very much for your time and valuable insight,


For me, the 808 kick and bass are all over the place, right from the beginning. The intro is a bit long and besides the 808 that fills it, its a bit empty!
The outro again has the same 808 till the end.
Also mastering wise, the bass is a bit prominent and it covers all other elements a bit.
Some other reviewer might have approved it , its a cool little track.
Maybe the reviewer is not a fan of 808 kick, maybe he didn’t like that the kick-bass is all over the place, who knows what he think of?

These are my suggestions. I am not expert in these kind of styles of music to tell you more about composition. Its a lovely corporate track, maybe use a bit softer kick, and make it a background youtube DIY video use! Good luck

PS* do you have experience in library music, or its your first?

And PS 2* you can reupload it it its different enough, or better enough!

Thanks for your feedback-these forums are great because you get really detailed analysis! I shall get on it and see what I can do with the tune.
I’ve done a lot of library music in the past, and I’m a full-time musician, recording and gigs…