Hard rejected tracks. Can you guys tell me the reason why straightly?

Tracks we loves have been rejected.

First one is ‘Silent night’ which is romantic and jazzy.

Another one is ‘EDM track’ which is energetic and sporty.

As a author, the hard reject always hurts like cutting off a part of my body.
We are talking about the reason why it happened. But the reason is unclear.
We need to know objective reasons of other authors as you guys.
Please write anything straightly if you hear anything from these tracks.

Thanks a lot :smiley:
Bless you.

  1. Good music, but it seems to me that the trumpet does not sound very realistic.I understand that you wanted to achieve a typical sound for this genre, but the music lacks “presence” and loudness.
  2. From 0:33 to 0:50 the synth melody has a rather strange automation of the cutoff filter and volume. From 0:50 begins part, which does not quite fit the description of “house music”.
    Try to relate easily to rejections. This is an integral part of the author’s work on AJ. Don’t cut off a part of your body, you’ll need it to create new music)) Cheers!
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  1. I agree with Lemonello about the trumpet. Use something different, and compress a little bit more. Maybe you can add some saturator or axciter on master to add more warm atmosphere. But generally very nice track!

  2. Personally, I’ve changed the main lead. and later, in 0:33 this synth is more powerful than the all music, this is 100% reject i think. I’m not expert in electronic music, but i miss some clarity on high frequencies. That is it.

Good luck! And keep it up!

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The re-harmonization you did on Silent Night is very nice, advanced and sophisticated - perhaps even on the edge of too much so for stock music, but that’s not really the main issue. To my ears, the piano/bass/drums opening sets up a cool, jazzy mood - but when the bells, synth trumpet and synth brass section come in, the contrast is just overwhelming; it takes the track from "Silent Night’ to “Swinging Night” way too abruptly and, it might be argued, unnecessarily. I think if you rework and develop it as a piano trio track, it would likely be accepted.

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No such thing as an objective reason when it comes to artistic works!

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I agree with the others.

These were my first thoughts:

Track 1:

Strange pauses in the intro at 0:03 and 0:05. Sounds more like a noise gate than a piano player lifting hands off the piano.

The trumpet does not sound realistic. If you just removed the trumpet (and the rest of the brass) and fixed the intro I believe this would be a great track! Maybe also work a bit more on the drums for a more live, realistic feel. If something can’t pass for real, just don’t use it at all in a track like this.

I would personally prefer this track as piano only, but that’s more a matter of taste.

Track 2:

Cool ideas, but overall I feel it’s a bit muddy, and strange use of cutoff filters. Sounds like something’s wrong with the speakers rather than what you usually want the cutoff filter to achieve.

It’s a cool track though, but I would also remove some of the elements in the busy parts.

In the dubstep breaks I think the snare drum is way too weak.

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Thank you for your kind reply. What a fresh Lemonello :smiley:
Right! The trumpet sounds wrong. I feel you on the 2nd one.
I can be better through your fresh feedback. Thanks again. Cheers!

P.S. One of my fingers was already cut off…so that i can’t type rihgtstdghdsdfggfd…

Aha… Thanks a lot, REYLLAND.
Right. Trumpet again. I accept about your opinion of compressor.
Yes. Jazzy sounded carol should sound wormer. I got it.
I think applying compressor to the 2nd track went to wrong. That caused synth sounded weird.
Thanks for telling us that the 1st. track is very nice.
Good luck!

Thank you for your replying, EightBallAudio
’I suddenly, wanna play 8ball…'
Right. The trumpet and brass part might not be enough. I think I have to consider about the bell.
Piano trio, I will try it! :smiley:

There is no argument about that! Right! :star_struck:

Wow. Thank you for your detailed feedback, Flumen!
You also feel like the trumpet and brass sound wrong.
I agree with feedback about the drums.
Cut off filter, Snare, I’ll check them out again.
And Thanks again. Cheers!:grinning: