Hard Rejected Track, would love to hear some feedback for me to improve

I am new to making game music, especially loopable ones. This is a loopable game music track for background that i made which has got rejected. Would love to hear some feedback for me to improve.
Here is the track. Thank you for helping me.

Audio Jungle is not quite the place to sell abstract adiatonic electronic music.The policy is clear against disonnant music tracks. For AJ market,your track
has not commercial value. Cheers.

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I like the track, it’s got an element of “Bladerunner” to it. Unfortunately, I agree with the other comment. Although it’s not strictly “dissonant” the choice of synth gives it that kind of sound. It’s also lacking in structure and the melody meanders a little. I really like it though. Add some structure to it and try again. Also, It ends very abruptly on soundcloud, even if it is a loop, make sure it has a clear beginning, middle and end.
You’ve chosen to compose something that is quite niche though and unfortunately, for Audiojungle, has no commercial appeal.
Good luck with it.

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Thank you, i will try to change the things you have said. Thank you for helping.