Hard rejected track, please help


Rejected track, what’s wrong?

Hi there,

The track has potential, but it sounds to me there are some problems in the mix. Maybe the vocals are to upfront, drums can not get through the rest, it sounds like the track is choking. Try to create some more interesting build up. Anyway I get the idea, nice one. Maybe with a litle bit of effort you will get a green light.

Good Luck!

Sounds to me like you’ve gone a bit over board with the mastering. Maybe tone it back a bit.

RainyAudio, Puzzlefactory. Thanks for the feedback! Interesting remarks)

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1:06-1:17 snares they are superfluous.
Mix is ​​not very well mastering.
The track has good potential!

Good luck!

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The Idea is great!
Track needs to be way better mixed. Its to harsh, to limited, the BPM is to fast so this complex Drumset sounds to hectic. Use a send channel with an Reverb on it. So u can send the harmonic giving elements including vocals to it, for more clarity. Cheers

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PearlsMusic, Thanks for the reply)

Thanks for the feedback)