Hard rejected track of an exotic genre.


So, this is my first attempt to write something in the genre of latin pop. Track, called just “Bossa Nova” was rejected. Reviewer written a few warm word of support, thanks for them. But, said, that it’s “too far from reqired standards”. Who could tell me something more particular about my work?



If you send me the midifiles and individual stems I would like to play with your track.


No problem, man. Just give me your email :grinning:




Needs higher quality sounds, imo…


Thanks. :wink:


I’d like to thank Gballx for this awesome remix on my track. Collaboration is a better way to be in tune and focus attention on making good music.



Great collaboration!


Nice work, both of you! G. Ball gets my vote for good deed of the week :innocent:


Awesome collaboration. Why not work together?


Great stuff! Nice work, as always, Graham!


Thank you for comments, all removed from souncloud.