Hard rejected this track, help


Hello friends! My track was hard rejected after months of waiting. Please tell me what is wrong with him. It was rejected by all criteria (arrangement, composition and Mixing, Mastering). What is wrong in the composition / arrangement? What is done wrong in the Mixing / Mastering? Thank you!


  1. Long intro
  2. Very repetitive theme
    You need to create more dynamical and interesting arrangement (with more deatilals, additional melodies, ect). Listen top-sellers in relevant category. (to my mind this track can be re-arranged to abstract or ambient category). Good luck!
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It is a bit monotonous. The beginning is too long and monotonous. It should be cut necessarily. Replica girls the same and too often. . Need to more strong and beautiful development in the middle of the track. The end was still something not quite finished. And the melody of the piano is very beautiful!

I agree with @LuckyBlackCat and @DanielDalton1 , you have to blow away your buyer in first 15-20 sec , or probably he will play some other track on the stock ! Maybe try to play your beat on the 8th bar , then every 8 bars add some instrument or theme .Piano sounds a bit flat, consider adding some reverbs or delays . Wish you the best dude !


Thank you! About the arrangement is understandable. What about Mixing / Mastering?