Hard rejected theme and some information

Hi there,

So … just got my first theme hard rejected … I’m not here to complain or beg for something, but I’m not going to lie, the email I received at the morning got me down. I’m feeling kinda demotivated, but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking of something else. As I realize there were aesthetical issues and the colors might not have been right. My thought process is just all over the place as to why it got rejected, but I’m here to learn and improve. If someone is interested, then you can view it at http://demo.verbalwp.com/trixy/ and any informative/critical comment will be appreciated.

Also as I’m just starting I haven’t got cash lying around and I can’t just buy licenses for premium plugins like Visual Composer or Slider Revolution to bundle them within my theme. Does this really affect the decision as to if the theme qualifies as premium? If I’m using free page builder like SiteOrigins, does it automatically gets a few point off only because it doesn’t really qualify as a premium plugin?

First - included premium plugins do not impact on review process - maybe on sales but for sure not review.

Second - hm … You need to learn webdesign and it’s really hard to say what is wrong … the only word that I have in my mind is “everything”. For some kind of motivation I can only say that my works were “hard rejected” many, many times before they send me “soft reject” - and after every hard reject I create new project ( don’t try to fix this, it’s waste of time and creativity ) … and I know how much hard rejects hurts :slight_smile: but if You won’t stop learning You will be a seller. Good Luck