Hard Rejected template

Hi all,
My HTML Template is hard Rejected. feedback Please.

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With respect it will definitely be rejected.

The design is very outdated

I get it’s a UI kit, but it needs to be constructed into a practical demo site rather than piled components

There is a lot of unfinished elements e.g. all the drop downs don’t go anywhere, the footer content is very repetitive

The basics e.g. typography, styling, hierarchy, spacing etc. all need attention

thank you for your answer. ok ı will rebuild theme but what do you think, should ı do rebuild this or should ı make a new template

Based on the fact your code can’t be validated I would start afresh.

You need to make a new template and to try to give a premium feeling. There is no way something like this template can be approved and your components need to be on a separate section of your template, like a component library. The rest has to showcase demos using those components and actually proving that customers can build websites using your predefined components. A UI kit might be too ambitious when you don’t have enough experience. Try making a small niche theme but with a high quality standard. Thanks.

thank you so much, I will consider your suggestions