Hard-rejected template - Need advice

Hello everyone!

For the 2nd time in a row, my template is hard-rejected for lack of quality.
I have no idea of what’s wrong with it. Please, could you tell me if you see anything to improve it?

Here the demo

To create this template, I followed some guidelines:

  1. I chose a theme and stayed focus on it: pulse. A lot of elements are pulsing : preloading screen, some hover elements, buttons, menu links,…
    My goal was to stand out from others template with this idea.

  2. I studied how others templates are made and designed. I was inspired by these templates: Passion, Sematic, Daniels and RockoX.

  3. I tried to create an easy customizable system: several variants (carousel, parallax, video,…) like most of templates which inspired me, a color picker (inspired by Passion template) and a light/dark switcher (inspired by RockoX template). Anyway, the buyer can easily duplicate colors files css and define is own colors.

  4. I tried to put some “cool” features and stuffs: a smooth scroll to top, a scrollspy, I designed error messages for contact form, and I used a lot of animations to make a template which seems “alive”.

  5. To choose fonts, I read several articles (especially this article in 3 parts). I chose the combo Georgia / Poppins: Georgia is described as a “safe serif typefaces” and a “web safe font” in the article, and Poppins is a Google Font chosen by Daniels template too.

  6. Of course, my template is fully responsive and totally cross-browsers compatible (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, IE10+,…). It is “W3C valid HTML” too.

After my first hard-reject, I came here on the forum and read other topics of rejected templates. I understood that one page templates are really commons, but if my “pulse” idea isn’t enough, why my template is rejected for “lack of quality” and not for “too similar to existing items”? I would like to keep my template “serious”, of course I could add more originality, but I don’t want to create a fantasy template, the balance is hard to find :confused:

If you have any idea of what’s wrong with my template, please let me know. I would love to improve my template, and myself.

Thank you in advance, and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

i think your theme looks like child toys, not for adults; colours you select are glaring ( maybe it is not true word because of my english but to explain better tey are very hurt colours for our eyes), also shapes, for example buttons’s shapes, are very round.you wrote your inpriation templates but when i look them, there is the only common point is section which was contained but it think the rejection is not about technology or sections, it is about design.it is only my guess, i hope you think my comment as a advice.

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Thank you very much for your answer! :grinning:

Now that you say it, indeed, buttons are probably too round, I will reworked them to they looks like more professional.
I’ll try others colors too, but it’s hard for me to figure out what colors I should picked. I don’t want colors too dull, but I don’t want them too flashy neither :confused:

Any other ideas? :slight_smile:

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imo you must read this article:

your theme is for a company so the article says more square button is better.

edit : also i dont remember where i read/watch but i there are articles about colours in design.if you search it, i hope you will develope your view to colours

With respect, this is a long way off the standard.

  • The main issue is the execution is very outdated and basic.

  • Design basics in particular typography, hierarchy, styling and spacing need attention.

  • The concept is vastly over done so anything new needs to be flawless and modern in design and offer something unique in terms of functionality.

  • There are numerous improvements needed for mobile optimisation eg a lack of styling, incorrect cascading etc.

Personally I would leave this one and look at either investing time in developing your design skills or look for prospective partnership opportunities. This will require a great deal of work and updating before it’s ready.