hard-rejected song

I again appeal to caring people for help.
They turned me down again, they didn’t accept the music track.

I tried very hard and worked from dusk to dawn for two weeks with breaks for short naps and meals.
After that, for two weeks, constantly feeling the stress of waiting, praying and hoping that in the third year the reviewer will finally approve at least one music track.

But my efforts were again in vain, and I don’t know what to do, because this is not the worst music track.
Can you help determine the reasons for the refusal?
I cannot refuse to study music, I understand that only the buyer can bring me satisfaction and a sense of value.
I ask for help from people who are ready to help with real criticism and advice. U1 by Oleh Slesarchuk | Free Listening on SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/mahadeo-makar/u1-1

@Oleh_Slesarchuk .

Your track is lacking developement and dynamic layering. Even if the drums are designed to be programmed, they lack movement and dimension. Everything is static.There are no transitions and momentums. What raises needs to fade. Your track is basically a drum loop, poorly programmed in my honest opinion, some sequenced chords and some elements which come and go. Nothing sounds alive. I understand you are really trying to get your tracks accepted, but maybe this is the issue. You struggle too much and it feels in your music. Let it go. Just write music. Try to balance your tracks so they are playing together not against each other. I cannot give you a practical advice because there isn’t one. Music is not about the sound, is about the music and the balance.


Where and how do you see this track being used? I personally would condense this track down to maybe 30 or 60 seconds taking only a variety of your arrangement to make it more interesting to the listener. At the moment it is too monotonous and repetitive to be commercially viable.
If you really are spending this amount of time on this track as you outline in your post then stop, take some time out and do not try to force something if it does not effortlessly flow. This also goes to mixing and mastering as there are many authors who spend way too long on this stage. Mixing a track really should be quick, perhaps maybe an hour at most.
All this is my own opinion, I am not a reviewer.


Thank you) Your words are very important to me.

I would never have a hobby or a job, which stresses me out in this manner. You try to force it all too much. You try to make all the things perfect at the same time. That’s why you music has no soul, it’s pure technically and mechanically, constantly repeating, not evolving. There’s no phantasy, no flow.
Our hints in your last posts were, to hear music from other successful composers here. What do you feel, if you do that and comapre it to your creation? Do you hear a difference? Are you able to isolate these differences?
The most of my best songs were created without a special intention. They were self-running. It comes out of my soul. I get no success, if I sit down and say:“I want to compose a song! NOW! IT MUST BE FINISHED! I WANT SUCCESS!” You cannot enjoy, what you#re doing. That’s the reason, why all your trials go wrong.
If you’re looking back these past three years of desperately trying to get a piece of music well produced and approved: Where are your progresses. Whats the biggest improvement if you compare your first song here to your last song?

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Hi, I just joined AJ very recently and had my first hard rejection today. It’s a bit frustrating to be honest, and I can imagine it would be even more frustrating to get multiple hard rejections in a row. I’m trying to take it as more of a learning experience though - I can tell some things weren’t amazing in my track upon listening to it again, especially in regards to the mix and orchestration, and I’m definitely going to try to improve upon that in future tracks.

I’d personally say that your track is a little repetitive and the mix is a little quiet/flat (if that makes sense). Other than that it seems alright but I would probably try to shorten it down and speed up the changes in the piece like @gballx suggested. I think Envato can get a bit iffy about authors resubmitting hard rejected tracks so I’d personally avoid resubmitting this one even if you make significant changes, but you can always try and improve this one and use what you learnt from improving it when creating a new track.

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Thank you for your kind words. Music lessons don’t bother me, on the contrary, I can’t imagine life without music. The fact is that I am stressed from constant refusals. And as you can see, I have only recently begun to exhibit my work for discussion and criticism. I did this because I no longer had the strength to receive rejections alone with one simple formulation: Hi, Thank you for your submission.

But, this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Once again, I am very grateful to you for the right words, spoken on time.

It is against Envato’s T&C’s that hard-rejected items cannot be resubmitted without major changes made to it that constitutes a new track.

Learning a new specialistic set of skills such as composing and producing for media takes time. Add to that the development of understanding what -this- particular platform wants and requires. You can’t cram that into a couple of weeks. Also most of us here have gotten rejections, it doesn’t mean anything. I have had dozens and dozens of rejections since I’ve started here. Some of those tracks sold elsewhere very well. Some not. Again don’t take it personal.

I think your track is too long and too repetitive. The break you introduce around the one minute mark should come much earlier.

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That’s what I mean @Oleh_Slesarchuk For this generic rejection message it is necessary to hear tracks from other successful composers here. You need an orientation in all parameters, what makes commercial music good and (first of all) USEFUL. At your state of compositions and mixings it is nearly impossible to give you hints like “Make a cut here. Make a break earlier. Raise up this frequency. Make it more interesting.” It will not help you. We try here to write you in a detailed way as possible. But what we write to you is only our impression and opinion and in the most cases our opinions are generic…We cannot move the notes in your editor to show you, what “more interesting” is. We cannot move the faders in your mixer. But with our opinions you must be able to implement the right measures then. At first you need to understand commercial music in structuring, composing and mixing.
And therefore I asked you before: If you hear tracks from other composers and compare it to your creations - are you able to hear a difference and are you able to describe that difference? If you come to a point where you can answer this with “Yes, I can hear it and I know what’s the reason!” then you can go ahead and tweak your music at the right points in composition, staging, mixing and so far.
And I repeat my question, because I want to know, if you seriously thought about it:
If you’re looking back these past three years of desperately trying to get a piece of music well produced and approved: Where are your progresses? Whats the biggest improvement if you compare your first song here to your last song?

This kind of work and the resulting stress has clearly an impact to all of your compositions. You need to change that first.


I really think the composer should have a good rest and not overwork himself during the composition of making the track. I am not a musician, but a Grandma of 78 years.