Hard rejected PSD Template item, need help

Hello, a lot of things need improvement in my opinion:

  1. General Design and idea: thematically speaking the item is not something that doesn’t already exist in the marketplace and with better quality and execution
    it looks basic and cluttered at the same time to me, you don’t have clearly separated sections, no visible call to actions
  2. Typography: in a lot of places the typography needs improvement, some paragraphs look cluttered, you should definitely alter the line spacing. The heading hierarchy is not clearly visible. On your third screenshot the paragraph in one of the sections is diagonal and that is just unreadable.
  3. Spelling mistakes: it’s good that you haven’t used the generic lorem ipsum text too much but there are some spelling mistakes which doesn’t look professional, so I would suggest also fixing that.
  4. Images: try to use better images when you showcase an item. By this I mean less “stock” looking ones.

I hope this helped.


Hello @OctaTheme,
Thanks for taking time to evaluate my work. Really Appreciate.