Hard rejected PSD, Need your feedback.

My PSD hotel template is hard rejected, I need your suggestion to improve this psd.
all reply will be appreciated.



Yes, pity it was canned, nice design, but… :disappointed_relieved:

• The text in the top orange bar, will not be centered when printed, (should be centered with bleed lines).

• Punchline, text is hard to read, and top text is too small.

• Text and graphics over orange is hard to read.

• Restaurants and banquets, part has an orange restangle over the text, (this might be temp, but it is poor design).

Unfortunately there is quite a lot that is wrong with this work, far too much for Envato to soft reject it.

But the idea is good.

Good luck. :sunglasses:

Thanks bro. @tmcom

hi, i personally tend to agree in a general way with Shane @tmcom , and especially with saying that this is nice, for me this is a clean work and colors are rather well chosen too , now, i do not agree with him as regard to the orange text goes, as not only this is really readable when u are full-size but also he talk about printing but, correct me if i am wrong, but this one is not mean for that, is it correct? in any event, white color has also the particularness to be not popping out so much on screens but is generally much more outstanding when printed. Honestly, as for me, i have seen things which are not any better being accepted … but i think that the really dark blue in the footer can be embettered a bit, for me this is not as appealing as it could get with changing for a slightly different hue indeed …


Thanks buddy! Thank you very much. Other than dark blue color do you suggest any changes? like on typography? or section placement? I really dont know why the reviewer has rejected this template.

not exactly indeed , let me think and if i find i will let u know :wink:

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