Hard rejected projects.

This is my 3rd time getting “rejected” message for my projects and it gets really annoying and exhausting. Because you spend so much time preparing all those assets, write down expressions and all those struggling ,help files, previews, uploads and all the things for simply nothing. There is just a mail which only includes “too far for our quality standarts” kind of comment you cant even get a feedback what was wrong with project overall? why did they accepted my previous projects with same quality standarts? if they dont accept this, how do they accept same kind of projects from others over and over? etc. and i guess only way to get a feedback is to write to forums in this case.
So i ask everyone for things that i can’t see maybe because i have spend so much time with this last project of mine.
whats wrong with this project? it’s:
1:29 seconds long,
has 25 text and images folder in it,
67 mb total.

Thank you all for your feedbacks.

video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8yEKMCLj80

Hi. The titles are almost impossible to read within the video. The video is a bit of a mish mash aesthetically…

My advice is the concept itself is poor but yes you have gone to a lot of trouble.

I am guessing Envato rejected this on the grounds of very low commercial appeal. they seem to be looking for material that they are second guessing will prove popular and earn them money

Hi simptoon,
Thanks for your reply and comments