Hard rejected project : looking for ideas to recycle


High guys.
I go to you because after several month working on, a promopackage specialy built for Video Hive has been purely and simply rejected by reviewers without really explaination.

I can understand that this package is a bit too far from the standards they require, however, I think that all is not so bad in this project, and that I can recycle a certain amount of stuffs.I have, inter alia, created 73 basic objects, declined in 169 animations (you can go to 2min43 to se them).All the objects has been animated with C4D, the animations flattened in PLA, the UV’s unwrapped, and exported in OBJ sequences to be rendered in After Effects with Element 3D.Is somebody has an idea of what could I do of these elements, and in wich category or under what format could I resubmit them ?


Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, you did a good job with this! The only problem for me is the way the texts are showing up, the way you are naming it and the font you chose to work with. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what is written. However, I can’t say if that is the reason why they rejected your project. Still, it is a good job, man! I hope you have more sucess next time!


High uligou.
Thanks for your return.

Concerning the titles, at the begining, I would like to one type by preset.
But as lot of fonts have rights limitations (even on “DaFont”), I choosed to keep a standard font, knowing that it’s easy for the user to change it.

And the main interest of this package for me was was the numerous object animations and shaders that are replied with this package.

Know, I try to find something to do with all these elements, recycle them on an other way …


Your project is great, but preview looks is very long and tedious. This is poor titles… many repeating video with golf man… You need more actions end epic! Try to take your 73 objects and show great animation in single pass with fly camera in different perspectives.